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MicroByre: Sarah Richardson

Episode Summary

This episode I drink an 🍊Orange Line with Sarah Richardson, Co-founder and CEO of MicroByre. Join us as we discuss why poop is the new gold, how to domesticate bacteria, creating nylon from oat waste, turning pee into rocket fuel, the one thing NOT to do with investors you’re negotiating terms with, bioprospecting, why cats are serial killers, and so much more!

Episode Notes

“We need to make poop the new gold.  We need to give new ways for poop to become the input, and for antibiotics to become the output...or for polymers or for bioplastics to become the output.  That just means cozying up with bacteria, because they can do it.”  -Sarah Richardson, Co-founder and CEO, MicroByre

Sarah is a computationally inclined microbiologist and science communicator: she speaks charmingly to computers, bacteria, and people. Sarah grew up in West Baltimore, and after completing a PhD in human genetics and molecular biology at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and a Postdoctoral fellowship at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Sarah founded the biotech startup MicroByre (@MicroByre), where she leads a skilled and diverse team in the construction of genomic toolkits for non‐model prokaryotes.  Trained to straddle disciplines, Sarah has a very unique perspective on the emerging technologies made possible by synthetic biology.

Enjoy the show!

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